Products - DC motors for hydraulic units - series MH


The motors of this application have designed and produced in wide range for many different hydraulic units /transportations; agriculture; military and naval industry/:

- hydraulic power packs;
- lifting mechanisms;
- emergency steering systems.


Standard sizes-o81; o112;o125;o150;o171mm.
Voltage-12V; 24V;36V;48V;80V.
Power/kW/- 0.2-10kW;
Duty rate-S1;S2 and S3.
S1-motor is mean in continuous duty rate;
S2-maximum time of insection after which the motor must remain stationary until the complete cooling of the same;
S3-% of maximum operating time of total maximum in minutes between an intervention and the next.


Our products are conformity  with  European Norms as follow:

-EN 60034;
-EN 1175-1;
-EMC 89/336EEC.

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